Mozhgan Mazharsamadi Women’s Day Speech at International Women’s Day in Malmö-2017

Hello everybody!

First of all I´d like to thank everyone for coming along and supporting us today!
As you know Eighth of March is a special and important day for all women. The day tied to the struggles of women around the world.

 Now we are gathered here freely to celebrate and honor this day, in some other countries such as my country Iran, women fight to achieve their basic rights.
38 years of the Islamic republic has turned Iran in to a big prison and an unsafe place for women.

 Women’s rights activists who are fighting for equality suffer by losing their jobs and getting arrested, but also the woman who don’t dare to make their voice heard also live in big oppression and injustice.

 Iranian women’s right activists’ promoters attacked and suppressed. Iran’s regime keep them in solitary confinement, prevented their access to lawyers and their families, and they escaped of being pressured to confess to false accusations.
For many of them have issued suspended prison that actually makes an atmosphere of fear and isolation for them, which can make them stop working for human rights.

 Right now more than 62 women activist are imprisoned in Iran. They are treated in the most inhuman condition just because they fights against the gender apartheid and defenses for freedom and equality. They are no criminals.

 Please show your solidarity with all women activist prisoner in Iran and lift your hands up as a sign of support them for freedom!!!

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