about the Terrorist Operations in Tehran

Communiqué of the Worker-communist Party of Iran

 On the morning of June 7, two fully organized simultaneous attacks were made on the Islamic parliament and Khomeini’s mausoleum in Tehran. Islamic Republic media have so far reported twelve killed and forty two wounded in both these terrorist actions. It has been announced that the four terrorists who attacked the parliament as well as the two men who engaged in shooting in Khomeini’s mausoleum are killed. Daesh has taken responsibility for these two operations.

 Worker-communist party condemns these terrorist acts. Terrorist actions by any group are harmful to the ever expanding struggle of the Iranian workers and people. The Islamic Republic tries to use this as a blessing to impose an atmosphere of terror and intimidation on Iranian society and expand its terrorist and military activities in the Middle East. The Iranian people are too familiar with the ploys and politics of the Islamic government and not to stand up to them.

 These activities are part of the bloody tug of war between various branches of Islamic terrorism in the region. The Islamic Republic is an important accessory to mayhem and insecurity in the region. The Islamic Republic is engaged in economic and military support for the criminal Taliban in Afghanistan and the Huthi Islamic group in Yemen as well as support for the criminal Islamic group “Jeish-al-Sha’bi” in Iraq and Beshar Assad in Syria. It is involved in forming the hell that people in these countries live in. For its part, the reactionary Saudi Arabian government at the head of another bloc is forming and supporting terrorist groups of another variety, the extent of which, particularly after the categorical support of the United States, would extend to Iran, and most probably such operations would increase in Iran. Any decent person should strongly oppose these two poles of Islamic terrorism in the region and the criminal policies of the United States and its allies.

 The Islamic Republic is trying to pose as the victim of terrorism despite its being a terrorist government in relation to the people in Iran and Middle East. Thirty eight years of uninterrupted terror against the Iranian people, countless executions, “chain murders,” and imprisonment and torture of righteous men and women, depriving women and the rest of the population from all their rights, imposing poverty, deprivation, unemployment, and insecurity to the majority of the people, and hundreds of terrorist acts directed at the opposition abroad, as well as support for the most reactionary forces and governments and continuous military-terrorist activities in the regional countries are only part of the dark record of the Islamic Republic.

 Worker-communist party strongly condemns the recent terrorist operations in Tehran. The party also condemns the reactionary policies of the Islamic Republic in the region. It calls on the workers and the people to extend their struggle for their legitimate rights. The expansion of the people’s struggle is the only proper answer to the Islamic Republic and its reactionary rivals; It is the only course of action that leads to liberation from the hell that the Islamic Republic has created for the people. As long as the Islamic Republic continues to exist poverty, deprivation, corruption, criminality by this government aimed at the people, as well as terrorist activities by the Islamic groups from the other pole will also continue.


 Worker-communist Party of Iran                

June 7, 2017

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