Communique of the Worker-communist Party of Iran about the Atrocious Crime of Islamic Terrorism in London

Once more Islamic terrorists carried out a horrific crime in London, Britain. On June 3rd three Islamic terrorists charged with a vehicle on defenseless people on a London bridge pavement and then stabbed people with knives. Seven defenseless people lost their lives in this atrocity and about fifty people, some of whom are said to be in critical condition, were wounded. All three terrorists were shot down by the police. Carrying out such a crime is not an indication of the power of the Islamic terrorists; it only displays their abject weakness. Any psychopath or scatterbrain can use a vehicle or a knife to take people’s life.

This terror is yet another instance of the atrocities of the Islamic movement. Daesh criminals in Mousel prevent the civil population from escaping the battle fields and use defenseless people as human shields. Every day this inhuman movement engages in crimes in Manchester, Afghanistan, and Bagdad, splashing blood on the daily life of the people. In Afghanistan it has killed more than a hundred people and wounded more than five hundred only within the last three days. One of the murderers is the Islamic-ethnic Afghan government itself that turned the people’s protest rally against insecurity into a blood bath.

Life, however, does not stand still and the loser in this confrontation is Islamic terrorism, rather than humaneness and human civilization. This is insured by the daily struggle of us, the people of the whole world, for a better life. In this confrontation the governments are not standing by the side of us, the people. For decades Islamic, oppressive governments in the Middle East and North Africa have been engaged in similar crimes—from the Islamic Republic, the harbinger of Daesh, to the governments of Afghanistan, Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia, these governments are not much different from Daesh. One of them bolsters Daesh, the other, Taliban. One lets Boko-haram loose on the people, the other the Huthi; one decapitates with a sword, the other hangs from a crane; one sells women in the market place the other refers to Islamic marriage rites to sanction the rape of small girls and stoning women to death.  Western governments themselves are part of the problem for civilized humanity: governments that through ultra reactionary policies prepare the ground for the growth of racism and fascism and political Islam; they come to terms with Islamic trends in the West, bolster Islamic governments in the region or directly create the likes of Taliban and Daesh, or contribute to the Daesh type government of Islamic Republic.

The task of confronting and disposing of the Islamic movement everywhere, including in Iran and Afghanistan is for the people of these countries—the people who want a joyous, affluent, modern, and humane society, free from discrimination, disenfranchisement, and oppression, the people who want equality and want to dispose of the influence of religion on social life, the state, and the judicial system. This confrontation covers the entire world. Iran is a powerful front for this humane battle where the Islamic Republic is pushed back by the day and the hour, providing a model of resistance for the rest of the world. We are set to dispose of Islamic terrorism and religious reaction. This is the verdict of civilized humanity.


Worker-communist Party of Iran

June 4, 2017


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