We Condemn Trump’s Provocative Policy of Jerusalem


The US president Donald Trump took a provocative step and recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; he also ordered the transfer of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This action violates all the UN resolutions, which recognize the Eastern Jerusalem as a part of the occupied territories of the Palestinians and prohibit Israel from any encroachment in this region. Trump’s recent action is an effort to shut all windows to peace-building in the Middle East in the close future and effaces any hopes for a recognized an independent and equal  Palestinian state alongside Israel.


This action of the US government will initiate a new cycle of confrontation and war in the Middle East and will be a gift from heaven for reactionary Islamic terrorist movements. This confrontation has already started and has claimed human lives.


For more than five decades the state of Israel has been suppressing the most basic human rights of the Palestinian people, from the right to life to the right to enjoy a human life with dignity, with the use of the harshest and the most violent methods. A large section of Palestinian population in the occupied territories has been moved out owing to mass murders, violence and state terrorism. Another section has been taken hostage in the most inhuman manner or has been living a life as second degree citizens.


However, the Palestinians have not only been subject to the state of Israel’s oppression and coercion. The fate of the Palestinian people has been a pawn in the war for power between ultra-reactionary states and nationalist, ethnicist, sectarian, and Islamist groups. On the one side stands the ethnicist-religious, expansionist, and occupier state of Israel whose policies against the Palestinian people are principally approved by the US and other Western states. On the other side there are reactionary, despotic Arab states and the nationalist and Islamist terrorist movements who abuse the deprivation of the Palestinian people from their rights in order to disseminate hatred, resentment and blind anti-Semitist politics for eternalizing animosity and hostility. This situation should be ended. Emancipation of the people in Palestine and Israel from the vicious circle of war, murder, and insecurity depends on the constitution of a secular, non-sectarian and non-ethnicist system and settling the account with racist, ethnicist and Islamist movements.


An equitable and permanent peace is the demand of the libertarian people in both Palestine and Israel. However, real peace in Palestine can only be built on the bases of a deep and inclusive humanitarianism and egalitarianism and in contrast to any form of racism, ethnicism, sectarian and religious resentments, and oppressive and coercive policies and can come to fruition by recognition of an independent state of Palestine.


The deprivation of the Palestinian people from their rights and the oppression against them should be ended. This is the task of the libertarian and egalitarian people, that is, the civilized humanity on the both sides of this confrontation.


The provocative and belligerent policies of the US and the state of Israel against the Palestinian people should be condemned. These policies will have disastrous political consequences. The Worker-communist Party, alongside all libertarian people of the world strongly condemns these policies.


Worker-communist Party of Iran

December 9, 2017

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