To the women in Iran: take part in the protests without a veil!

Your enthusiastic presence in the frontline of the protests, your denunciation of the criminal, thieving and misogynistic Islamic regime, is impressive and admirable.

This regime is a misogynistic regime. It is a regime which enforces rightlessness on women, and on the whole of society. It is the regime of gender apartheid. An example of the most reactionary, backward and vicious regimes in the world. The symbol and banner of this regime is the Islamic veil. Throw off the veils! Trample on this regime’s symbols and banners! Issue the order for the overthrow of the criminals in power.

Follow the example of the young girl who took off her veil in the Revolution Square. Turn your veils into the banner of struggle against the misogynistic Islamic Republic. Let the breeze of the revolution run through your hair.

Take part in the protests without a veil. Take off your veils individually or in groups, and realise this demand of yours by your own hands.


For freedom!

For unconditional equality for women!

For a secular, modern and free society!


Worker-communist Party of Iran

31 December 2017

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