Ten immediate decrees of the revolution in Iran

An immense revolution is underway. The most urgent goals of the people who have heroically risen up to overthrow the Islamic Republic are as follows:

1- All political prisoners and the detainees of the recent protests must be immediately released.

2- All those who ordered and those who perpetrated the crimes of the Islamic Republic over the past few decades must be arrested and publicly tried.

3- All the suppressive forces of the Islamic Republic must be immediately dissolved.

4- The death penalty must be immediately abolished; the Islamic law of retaliation, Qesas (‘an eye for an eye’) must be repealed.

5- All the properties of the people, which have been plundered by the religious and state authorities and bodies, must be immediately recovered and returned to their owners and/or used for public good and social welfare projects.

6- Compulsory veiling and all forms of gender segregation must be immediately abolished, and freedom of dress must be established. All misogynistic and discriminatory laws against women must be immediately repealed; equal rights for women in all spheres must be introduced.

7- Religion must be totally separated from the state, the judiciary and education. Full freedom to have a religion or not to have a religion must be guaranteed as a private belief and affair of individuals.

8- Unconditional freedom of belief, expression, assembly, press, protest, strike and organisation must be established.

9- Legal and civil equality of all, irrespective of religion, language, nationality or ethnicity, must be immediately introduced.

10- A prosperous living based on the highest standards and resources of the most advanced societies must be guaranteed for all. The minimum wage must be raised in line with these standards, and adequate unemployment benefit provided for all the unemployed and those ready for work. Health care and education must be made free for all immediately.

These are the most important and most urgent demands, and indeed the ten decrees, of the people’s revolution against the Islamic Republic. The protests, demonstrations, strikes and gatherings for the achievement of these demands must be stepped up. Only with the overthrow of the Islamic Republic and the establishment of the direct rule of all the women and men in Iran will these demands be achieved consistently and comprehensively.

The Worker-communist Party calls on all of you workers, women and youth to turn this manifesto into the banner of the revolution that is in the making.


Worker-communist Party of Iran

3 January 2018

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